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Should have posted this earlier. Instead of increasing hype of the content that has been/is being added, i'll just simplify my post by making a bulleted list of things added with a few images at the bottom. And before anyone is disappointed with the Raven Desert, remember this, its a desert, its not that exciting (and yes, i noticed the half finished cactus in the desert.).

-Added Recipes and drops for potions, which makes potion crafting and herbalism profitable and a factor to the ingame economy.
-Did a lot of work mapping out Achrim Islands and finished dojo. Currently finishing the Free Portion of the island.
-Added new paladin weapons and ultra knight armor.
-Added new dangerous pvp area called Raven Desert, east of Rasheeb.
-In the process of balancing all weapons and armors.
-Added new rings and necklaces
-Fixed and created new sprites
-Increased Fishing spots to 3 per dock instead of the old 1 per dock, which makes fishing much easier.
-Added new ore and tree locations.
-Made the best and most current version of the game map.

Anyone who is new that comes and joins our website will probably be lost!
There are a few things you can do while waiting for the games release.

#1. Chat-
Come talk in our shoutbox, and leave forum posts about anything, game or non game related. Talk about what you're anticipating, etc...
#2. Suggest-
If you have any ideas that you would like implemented in the game, either from past MMO experiences, or from ideas you've come up with. Unlike most other game devs, we actually value your opinion, and have implemented many user suggestions into the game over time!
#3. Help-
You can help us out by being active on forums, advertising and supporting our game across the web, sharing this game on facebook, liking our facebook group, telling your friends to join and play with you, or even apply as a moderator or other positions in the games development team! Video editors and artists are welcome!
#4. Donate-
If you donate any amount of money, that helps us with paying for hosting costs, domain renewals, pay for the website, advertisement, etc. No money shall be pocketed as we are non-profit!

Hopefully this will give a little backbone to everyone who is new, good luck and we hope to see you on the forums and ingame!

P.S. There is an introduction forum section for everyone to introduce themselves! You can meet many of our members that way!
More engine updates:
- Optimizations to the rendering of Panoramas and Fogs
- Optimizations in the game loop
- 2 new resolution options:
*Max -> Think of it like Windowed Fullscreen (where the gui fills all the screen but the Game Screen is maxed at your screen's max compatible resolution [a 1280x1024 screen would make the Rendering Screen 800x600 since it's the max compatible])
*Max (Stretch) -> "same" as Max but the Rendering Screen is stretched as far as it can go (stretching the game graphics along with it [I won't blame you if you use it xD])
Yes, we now have social media login!@!@! w00t. This is a nice improvement from forcing all users to sign up on our site and hopefully will encourage more people to register. As it stands right now we need a SSL certificate to allow the process to be fluid. If you have problems signing up for a account with social media change the redirect URL to http:// and not https://. We do not currently support https but the process still works with http. I will fix this in the near future. Also I am attempting to get disqus working in our comments section. Will require more work to get this going.
Engine Changelog:
- Item binding, items can be soulbound on pickup (SBP) or on equip (SBE)
- Hotfix for warping to house (now send msg if you don't have a house)
- Resource depleted bug fixed
- Map editor updated with new functions + optimizations to make Rex's and Kaj's life easier XD
- Quest dialogue crash fix
- Projectile npc talk fix
- Logout crash fix
- Get nearest target fix
- Woodcutting Mining Fishing level (click on char menu statistics' zone to change)
- NPC HP bar realign
- NPC on attack turn to face you
- Disassembler (destroy items to turn them into materials for crafting)
- Party Quest fix
- DoT targetting fix
- Diagonal movement attack fix
- DoT elemental multiplier
- 1 stat points given per level (previously you were given 5)
- Implemented Battle Arena System (PvP all the way ;D, you have Party VS Party and Guild VS Guild)
- Allies will have a blue marking under them during arena battles
- Arenas are now instanced (battles are held in different "dimensions" of the same map)
- Battle request gui implemented (access through party menu or guild admin panel)
- Reusable recipes option added in Item Editor (recipes won't be destroyed when used)
- More engine optimizations

Engine Upcoming Features (still not definitive):
- Instanced Maps (could be useful for instanced Boss Battles + Cutscenes)
- Buff/Debuff Spells
Hey guys,

I completely overhauled the website and webserver. At this point most functionality should be restored. Our Forum software has been completely upgraded along with many of the plugins. You can probably see kajamaz has been having fun messing around with the new themes... these will be restored to everember related shortly.

Hey everyone, so I'm finally going to post a development update for everyone, so you can all see how things are going as the server remains in development mode.

So, first things first, new areas and map improvements.
The entrance to Janaku has been re-worked and improved on, players were reporting a crash that would happen often due to warping into Janaku. So, to fix this, I have gone ahead and re-worked the key/door system there, so that when you use your key, you can actually walk through the door, and then warp into the next map.


You will also notice that the dungeon merchant that used to be there is now gone, and there is a new mysterious cave. I will just say, there are new ways about getting into Hell Fire Dungeon than just spending all of your gold.

Next, I'd like to finally announce that the donator island, Achrim Island, will no longer be just a single island. So, we have officially renamed the map to "The Achrim Islands" and the layout for this map is now 100% complete, time to just add in decoration, and add in some cool features / activities for players to do while they are there.

The Beginner Island is being reworked so that the tutorials in the beginning are more educational and provide more information, this will also include the new Baking feature, and also Weapon/Armor enhancements. You will be required to do a set of quests/tasks on the island before you can officially leave and venture forth to Darom.

The Farm area has been reworked and now contains new quests, hope you enjoy the improvements to the map, and the fun quest that is now there...
Its about time I made a post about the games development while its been in development mode.
We want to show you what's been done, and theoretically it should get everyone excited (at least a tiny bit).
First things first, the new guilds and pvp arena's are almost done. They are solely designed for pvp, and the guilds are made to look a little more friendly and setup for battle.
The two new maps are Sky Warzone, and Underground Warzone. The Sky Warzone is a massive clan v clan map for large scale conflicts. The Underground Warzone is for smaller scaled battles between clans.
Aside from the pvp aspect, many new animations and sounds have been added to weapons to make each weapon feel better, feel unique, and offer a better experience when used in combat.
Exp gained when leveling has been reduced to 1 as opposed to the old 3 per level. This allows for a more balanced leveling system, and makes everyone a tad less powerful against monsters.

Combat is being reworked to allow for a smoother fight between npc's vs players, and players vs players. Dammage will be reduced, and fights will be a bit slower, but that allows for fairer pvp fights, more intence action in battles, and the need to use potions and healing items, which makes herbalists viable in the game as a ways of making money.

Achrim islands outside is 50% done, more on that will be posted.

The website will be reworked soon, so get ready for some changes.

Rex will post more about his progress later on this post.

Here are some pictures of what's been done.



As a side note, I have college starting, and Ozfer is already back in school, so we have a bit of work to get done, but don't worry, we'll have plenty of time for EE's development, we're not going anywhere.

Fun talking to you, and there will be more updates soon!
Hold on, before anyone's Jimmies get russled, this is not an announcement for the release of EverEmber. What this is though, is a progress post.

The game has changed vastly since its state a year back. A massive amount of new and interesting features, mechanics, graphics, sounds, a housing system, mounts, etc... have been added.

The games current version is 3.5, and we are nearing an actual release. Having a release allows us to have actual reviews and postings of the game on MMO websites, and it offers a better player experience than the Beta. With more features, stability, and an improved server (thanks to Ozfer for the new server and internet upgrade!), the game is far more playable and enjoyable to the player-base.

What we're planning on doing is putting the server into development mode where only administrators and developers can access it, meaning regular user base players will be unable to play. This is so that no users would be stuck in areas that aren't finished, or interrupt the games development progress. You may think this is a poor choice, because that doesn't allow players to try things out and test bugs, that may be true, but that's what we'll be keeping a close eye on once the game is released. Remember to submit ALL bugs and issues you locate in the game to make it the most enjoyable experience possible for everyone (and who know's you may be rewarded for your finds)!

The current development plan is as follows:
- Finishing Achrim island for both the main game community, and for Donors.
-Finishing broken items, quests and class balance.
-Fixing bugs and adding new crafting recipes.
-Adding/Editing two new PVP arenas designed for both clan and player interaction.
-Making a more player run economy.
-Adding more towards resource collection (new tools and the such).
-Adding game world boss events.
-Changing game music, sound effects, and adding attack animations.
-Animated resources.
-Releasing a new EverEmber trailer....
The new installer without bugs has been released. Please let me know if there are any problems.
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