EverEmber Reborn

EverEmber Reborn is a free roam multiplayer online roleplaying adventure game in the world of Ember. The Game's Concept: To bring back the good feeling of MMORPG's of the late 90's through 2000's while keeping up to date in many systems with hardcore death and player interaction.

Time for yet another update! Lets cut right to the chase!

Graphics/Trailer Development: Our team members Mitch and Jonty are still working on the draft of the current game trailer. Last time we made a reveal of the great Ember Dragon, this time we're going to tease you. The object presented is the glove of the most feared creature in the land of EverEmber. Its power so mighty that even the dragons and trolls that roam the land bow down before its power.

Gameplay and Development: MrSingularity has put a large amount of time and effort into the games character creation system as of late. Things crossed off the list
-General character customization (gender, hair, skin color, height)
-Screen scaling
-Various network components completed

Ember Castle: The castle has been completely reworked by Amit. He took an interesting approach making the castle blend with the environment while also being the single most important location around its surroundings.

Hope to see you all in the world of EverEmber soon!
Hello Adventurers,

Its been far overdue for a new development post, but we've got a lot to talk about! Our team has been working diligently on making three core things for the game, the actual game, the trailer, and the kick starter.

Lets start off with the game's development. Recently we've spent a large chunk of time optimizing the game. All of the developers were slowed down due to the massive performance issues that we were having. We've managed to optimize the various settings and objects in the game to help speed up development, and its been very successful. Following the optimization our progress has skyrocketed. Our developer MrSingularity has done a large portion of work for the core of the game.
-A large portion of the networking registration and login system has been completed.
-Plugins set up to communicate with our MySQL server
-UMA database work done towards the character creation
-AI behavior has been tested and deemed functional upon testing
-First person view implimented

Going onward towards the trailer, our developers Mitch and Jonty have done a large sum of work. Mitch has been working towards the creation of a new reaper model which will be revealed soon. Jonty is currently formulating a draft of the trailer, so keep your eyes peeled.

Finally, the kick-starter is being formulated. We're going to redesign the donation tab on the website to match our kick-starter rewards soon! In order to compensate our veteran donors and players, players who are veterans will be granted a beta key once we reach beta, and donors will receive a complimentary key for their donations (if it matches the price of the release, if the donation is lower than the release price, we offer a discount towards the purchase of the game).

Hope to see you all running around with us in the world of EverEmber soon!

Some eye candy for you all ;)
Hey there!

We got some exciting news!

First off, if you didn't already know, we removed the chatroom from the website (I know, we'll all miss it) and replaced it with our discord chat. The link to the chat is https://discord.gg/2eucjzP
We hope to see you all chatting away! Check out the widget on the right side of the website as well!

Secondly, Welcome a few new members to the team.
@Mr Singularity is one of our new lead programmers, currently situated in Texas
@animagic which is also one of our new programmers, he's also a well trained web developer
@Jonty Is one of our lead trailer artists
@Vashima Is one of our other new trailer artists
We hope they'll stay a while and we'll be seeing lots of creativity come from them!

Last but not least, we have a tiny teaser about the background of the game and a piece from the trailer.
Below is depicted the hand of the arch mage of EverEmber. The events taking place are his attempt to save humanity from the foul creatures that have spawned around the land, some of which those who have played EverEmber Online may remember, such as the goblins of Turgis, and the reaper. Why is he trying to save the land? What happened? You'll find out more soon in following dev posts. We hope to have some more footage for you all soon!

Hope to see you in the land of EverEmber,
Hey guys good ole Ozfer is still around working behind the scenes. Just wanted to let you know EE classic is back online. We had a power outage for four days caused by some trees going down. This lead to the IP switching and breaking things.

In other news I have updated the website a bit. We disabled taiga chat (chatbox) since it hasn't been updated in years and was causing compatibility problems. We are going to be adding a widget for our official discord server soon and we recommend using that. We will probably also add a discord bot with forum integration. Please join us at https://discord.gg/WHnnT6t

Animagic is one of our new developers that will also be working on the website along with some other content. So please welcome them aboard.

Stay tuned for more EE Reborn updates,
Hello readers

We thought we would give another update and this time around it is the Boat Builder's Trail.
This road and area has a beach, mushroom path, and rock path. If you want to you can walk near the water by the beach, on the main road with the mushroom's or above by the rocks on higher ground. Each of these spots have their own purpose for ambush and exploration. There are different storytelling objects placed around which warns about the danger of this road, and who might be living nearby.

Hope you like it!

Time for an update! Today's update is technical, visual, and story based. The story isn't an in-game thing, its about the project as a whole.

EverEmber Online was an idea that was generated during a lunch period in highschool, the name EverEmber was a mix of a book that a friend was reading (Everwild) and just ember because fire is cool. The idea slowly collected, notes were taken, the first map of EverEmber was drawn!

In its rudimentary state, we began the project 5 years ago. Over the years we progressed from EverEmber Alpha, to EverEmber Beta (map drawn) 147809691.jpg
and finally to release!
This was the first printed copy of the map that was drawn over to be modified with various locations and ideas planted around the world! These little artifacts show the progression and dedication to the game and its idea as a whole. As you are aware, the original project is still up and running!

We have to move on though, the sprites of EverEmber Online belong to enterbrain, we are unable to profit off the project, and without financial motivation or the ability to sell anything to be able to work full time on the project, we can't make the project any greater than it already is.

Thus EverEmber Reborn is being made!
At home a bunch of posters were printed and hang on my wall every day to remind me of the progress this project has partook in (wish I put a regular paper for scale to prove its not just office paper).
So to anyone who partakes in these forums, be aware, we are working, we are progressing!

For the programming side:
Our programmers are working diligently, Twinnuke has been experimenting with connections, and Lewdoge has been defining basic control for merchants, crime, items/inventory and day/night cycle. this week, i worked more on the day/night cycle, so day and night can have different duration, and have been working on different weather states, and control over more...
Time for a new update!

First off, there are three new developers on the team, @Lewis Hill , @Drahsid , and @Rangarz . All three are programmers for the team, and with the size of this team, we should be able to start showing off some game play videos shortly! Say hello and welcome to our new team members!

Next, we've had our members working hard on creating new additions to the world. Trolls passage is near completion. The area is a large chasm where sky island was risen from. Due to sky islands magical powers above the area, occasional stones and dust falls on the soil below, causing trees to accelerate in growth, creating giant forests. Trolls used the trees as a resource, and settled below sky island, growing in size with the trees among them. Now huge troll clansmen roam the land, and the humans stepped in to end the plague they bring onto the people. The Trolls, being intelligent, built walls to protect them from the humans attacks. It will be up to you to venture into the chasm and learn more about the land!

Screenshots of the area:

Special screenshot of sky island:

Hope to see you in the world of EverEmber soon!
Interested in the project? Want to join the team? Or do you just want to help spread the word and make the forums livelier? Well, this is the post for you!

More information about the game can be found on our about us page!
Link: https://everember.com/pages/About/

If you want to join the development of the game:

Be aware that we are looking for the following type of members,

-C# Programmers (Must have knowledge of C#, and Unity game development experience)

-People who know about unity networking (Any form of game networking involving unity, and maybe photon)

-Marketing Manager (Someone who can advertise the game, spread the word, and help the game get around the web and get us new users)

-Model Creator/Animator (Someone who can make unity compatible models that are quality enough to match the pictures of the game on the website)


The game is being planned on being kickstarted in one to two months and is being developed by a large team.

All applications can go to [email protected] or pm me, @Kajamaz on this website!

For those who want to help the game but don't want to directly develop:

-Apply as a game moderator by emailing [email protected] or pm me, @Kajamaz

-Spread the word around the web, gaming forums, guilds, reddit, make youtube videos, talk about it in stream, tell your friends! Whatever it is you can!

-Join our Discord (Click https://discord.gg/2eucjzP and talk with fellow EverEmberians)

-Donate (for now you can use https://everember.com/account/upgrades , webpage will be updated soon with new rewards and game purchase)

We can take all the help we can! Hope we'll get a lending hand!

Like us:...
We continue to update when possible about the world of EverEmber Reborn. Today's post shows the continuation of the Avgard to Darom route. I have personally named it Log Crossing as you need to cross a log to continue the fastest way. There are additional routes designed such as the water route or going over the rocks. This is to open up for different scenarios if someone chooses to make this spot their ambush point. There is a scout point up on the top by the stacked stones with a torch, this allows the player to view the surrounding areas by a lot. Further more, there is a way to swim up and climb next to the log near the waterfall. Additionally, you might notice there is a hidden chest for those who adventure into the water.

In short, when we design the key spots we have to consider the different scenario, create bottlenecks and convey the story of that area. This particular spot allows for range ambush or close combat, by closing off the traveler while they are on the log. Of course, it is designed so the traveler may jump into the water in an attempt to escape.

We hope you like the updates and if you have any feedback, opinion or want to discuss with us then feel free to visit our forum.
Hello everyone. This is Dyce aka Amit returning to update you all on another development blog. We are continuing from previous development update #8 in which we showed an area which was near a campfire. Not far from that campfire across the bridges the travelers will see a small cave like area. Upon investigation, the player will stumble upon this scene.

First, the perspective is shown from a hole on the other side of the mountain hill, which means the river the player cross from the campfire with the fish, blood and sleeping pillows is on the other side of the river at the background. Basically, this is to allow a scouting spot for ambush, and a hook for a player to notice that there is a spot of interest on the other side, if they walk around.

Once the player reaches this spot, the person will notice pick axes and two dead skeleton near two of the rocks there. It is to illustrate the story that there was a collapse when mining for the iron ore, which the player will see three deposit of. That is why there are rubbles and rocks around that area, and this particular spot goes inwards.

The objects that exist there now, such as the tree, torches, and bonfire is trying to explain that time has passed since the dead miners, and people use it for something now. It can perhaps the spot for the Bandits, who attacked the previous spot from Update #9 or maybe not?

So what connections are there with the spots? The miners? The missing pillows? Why are there two pillows, and two miners on the other side of the river? Are these the two same people, at two different location?

What else lies ahead? Where there more than two? Who was carrying the ore they mined? Where is that ore? Question answered, leave more questions.

Dare you travel further, or do you want to return back to where you came from?

That decision is entirely yours to make.