EverEmber Reborn

EverEmber Reborn is a free roam multiplayer online roleplaying adventure game in the world of Ember. The Game's Concept: To bring back the good feeling of MMORPG's of the late 90's through 2000's while keeping up to date in many systems with hardcore death and player interaction.

So as the workload of university has been driving upwards we have not made too many improvements to everember in a while. But we are still around and slash has some epic plans for new future updates. As always the server is still running and we are around if you want to message us.

A bit of downtime today as out server hardware is upgraded. This should result in decreased latency and better performance for in game experience.
The double xp weekend is coming up! Tell your friends and get ready to level up with 2x xp for the whole weekend!
As you all know EE currently uses the bottom-most centered tile as the NPC's collision box, for the next update this will change and NPC's will have different collision boxes (this includes collisions when walking and projectile detection and melee attacks), this will still need some polishment and will generate some glitches (as predictable) but I think overall it's more good stuff than bad (will improve combat against bigger monsters).
So... today I implemented two systems that will improve EE's combat interactivity.

One is the "Momentum Attack System" which works for Melee and Ranged attacks, for melee attacks the more you attack the more momentum stacks you get (up to 5) (you have to keep them up by attacking otherwise they will dissappear upon a timeout [5 segs that are updated with each attack]) when you reach the 5 stacks you have a short amount of time to press Shift (Shift was choosen because it's the nearest to Ctrl, so people will easily associate it as the "Strong Attack Button", CTRL being the "Normal Attack" [kinda like Dinasty Warriors XD]), when you successfully perform a Momentum Attack you will inflict 1.1x the damage of the normal attack, for ranged attacks (bows) they get a momentum stack everytime they launch an arrow (since they will usually miss a lot of shots on moving targets) on every fifth arrow they can launch a Momentum Attack. For Melee and Ranged pressing Shift before the time is right will reset the momentum stacks (and not attack).

The other one is the "Concentrated (Spell-)Casting System" which starts when you press Shift while casting a spell (or when you cast a spell with Shift pressed to start immediatelly), this will start a QTE (<- it's a link) where you have to press a series of arrows in the correct order (max:4), failing one means it will perform a regular spell, if you get it right when you finish casting the spell it will do 1.1x the damage/heal/vital. (you can use both Arrow keys or the WASD)

Left: Momentum Attack
Right: Concentrated Casting

Its been ages since i've posted anything on the website, and I just want to sincerely apologize for my insanely long absence with a very minor warning. I will try to touch on everything I can in one post so I don't have to make a vlog post #1, 2, 3, etc...

  • My explanation for not posting or developing in such a long time comes down to a few things. I have been extremely busy with my university studies, exams, work, and friends. Its been a long and very different semester for me. I've had very little time for myself this semester, i had a job, extremely challenging classes, living alone and doing everything alone (everyone who cooks, cleans, and maintains everything alone knows what its like). I've had endless days in university in which i wake up at 4am, finish assignments, and come home only at 8-9pm. At that point, I just don't have the energy for EverEmber, and would rather hang out with some friends, do csgo with a friend, or call up a grill. On top of all that, internship hunting, developing myself professionally, etc... On top of that, the collapse of the website a few months ago, loss of momentum and users we had really made me lose motivation.
  • EverEmber has turned out to be an amazing project with an amazing team, but it wasn't what I had originally envisioned, but I still want to see it succeed! I will be returning and working on the game little at a time. I have a huge list of everything that needs to be done compiled.
  • The website will be fixed-up very soon, i'll add more images to the scroll bar, and have updates posted shortly.

I want to once again thank EACH AND EVERY ONE OF OUR EVEREMBER TEAM MEMBERS! Thank you so much for staying with us, and working on the project, I can't express my gratitude enough (sorry slash, still can't pay you). I will be posting a few more announcements soon, we'll keep everyone up to date!

SSL now works, Apex dark theme is turned back on, article slider is back, fixed graphical problems in articles. Added cloudflare to the website for improved speed, stability, all that. Fixed https problems on chatbox and added a favicon.

Shrunk the background image and moved it over for contrast and to speed up the site. This seems to have drastically cut down site load times...
The new client is in the downloads section now. It combines all the updates to date, and also includes a patch so the auto updater doesn't get falsely flagged as a virus.

Soon more updates will be coming to the website...

See yah in game,
Me and Ozfer have been working all day trying to solve this "riddle" and I think we came up with a good solution (at least the antivirus seems to no longer delete the AutoUpdater).
A new installer is going to be made which brings this new AutoUpdater. Please await further notice :p

PS: Players who don't have the Antivirus problem and are capable of playing are not required to reinstall the game (probably just redownload the latest version if you want)
Stuff what was implemented in this release:
  • Item chatbox linking fix
  • Item and npc searchboxes fixed (dev-side update)
  • Description box rework
  • Don't pull chatbox down if reading previous msgs
  • Sync button new behaviour (making it usable on instanced maps)
  • House Controls: Right-click remove furniture, CTRL interact with furniture
  • Server-side stacktrace implementation (better error handler)
  • Remove NPC chatbubbles on death
  • Receive msg with house controls when entering house
  • Possible fix for the rubberbanding
Hope you guys enjoy :D