EverEmber Reborn

EverEmber Reborn is a free roam multiplayer online roleplaying adventure game in the world of Ember. The Game's Concept: To bring back the good feeling of MMORPG's of the late 90's through 2000's while keeping up to date in many systems with hardcore death and player interaction.

The new client is in the downloads section now. It combines all the updates to date, and also includes a patch so the auto updater doesn't get falsely flagged as a virus.

Soon more updates will be coming to the website...

See yah in game,
Me and Ozfer have been working all day trying to solve this "riddle" and I think we came up with a good solution (at least the antivirus seems to no longer delete the AutoUpdater).
A new installer is going to be made which brings this new AutoUpdater. Please await further notice :p

PS: Players who don't have the Antivirus problem and are capable of playing are not required to reinstall the game (probably just redownload the latest version if you want)
Stuff what was implemented in this release:
  • Item chatbox linking fix
  • Item and npc searchboxes fixed (dev-side update)
  • Description box rework
  • Don't pull chatbox down if reading previous msgs
  • Sync button new behaviour (making it usable on instanced maps)
  • House Controls: Right-click remove furniture, CTRL interact with furniture
  • Server-side stacktrace implementation (better error handler)
  • Remove NPC chatbubbles on death
  • Receive msg with house controls when entering house
  • Possible fix for the rubberbanding
Hope you guys enjoy :D
This semester has been a intense one for many of us. Slash, kajamaz, and I have been battling exams and projects, while meanwhile Rex has been living it up in vegas too busy for us peons :rolleyes:. But as the semester winds down some of us have been finding time to slowly add new content. Both Slash and Rex have recently implemented a few new features with more to come in a few weeks.

I will let them give updates as to the specifics but I just wanted to check in and let you guys know we are not dead :)
Sorry for the lack of new information lately. Kajamaz, Slash, and I are all busy in an intense semester of classes at university, so not many of us have had a lot of time to devote to Everember lately.

Since our last update we have remade the about us section, the chat box had been improved , and all of our admins and moderators should have been put back on website.

When I get time I will get the website HTTPS working again and the google link should be fixed if thats not currently working.

Also I have mirrored the download onto the Amazon cloud so now you can choose between google drive and amazon drive for the client download.

See you in game,
Hello everyone, after weeks of the website being down it is finally up again! We had to completely rebuild it so we are still fine tuning things to bring it back to how it was.

Everyone unfortunately is going to need to make a new account since the database was corrupted.

Now we are on a much better hosting system and this problem should never happen again. Weekly backups are now routinely in place to prevent such things. Sorry for the inconvenience.