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Head Developer/Manager
Bio: I'm huge fan of open-world games, where you're not forced down a single path, so your play through is yours, unique to anyone else. I was a Fencer, and work IT.

Role: Primary Developer, Game Development, Idea Writer, Mapper, Jack of all Trades.

Location: Connecticut, United States

Languages: English, Russian

Past Expirence: Developer of EverEmber Online
Lead Developer/Host
Head Programmer
Head Programmer
Hear me rawr!
Head Developer
Bio: I love open-world, story-oriented and skill-based video games. I'm a fan of sci-fi and fantasy things, and I'm a Jack-of-all-trades who enjoys tinkering and creating things.

Location: Queensland, Australia and Singapore

Languages: English and German (plus beginner Chinese)

Role: Game Client Developer

Past Experience: N/A


Other Projects: Project P.E.T. (

Discord Contact: aytimothy#0919, or
Music Composer
Bio: Electronic music producer and composer (2013-Present). Video games have been a part of almost everyone's childhood in this generation, including mine. I've always been drawn back to games only because of their soundtracks and the nostalgia that come with them. A big goal as a composer is to leave a unique sound that resonates with someone.

I work from the tag-line: "Melodic Bass and Mixed Emotions". All of my work has been a portrayal of my emotion, and EverEmber is no different. As a composer, it's my job to share the dream of the director, whatever story he's trying to create has to be the inspiration for every note written.

Role: Head Music Composer

Location: Ohio, United States

Language: English

Past Experience: Worked with many vocalists, labels, other producers and composers.

My music:

Contact: [email protected]
Game Developer/Mapper
Bio: a student doing Computer Science degree, who is passionate about video games as an art and enjoys creating them.

Location: London, United Kingdom.

Languages: English, Ukrainian, Russian.

Role: Game Developer/Mapper.

Experience: numerous indie games developed in Unity (

Contact: [email protected]
Bio: Really passionate regarding 2D games, really into music and gaming in general.

Location: Sweden, Älvsbyn

Languages: English, Swedish

Role: Forum manager / CM

Contact: [email protected]