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Hey guys good ole Ozfer is still around working behind the scenes. Just wanted to let you know EE classic is back online. We had a power outage for four days caused by some trees going down. This lead to the IP switching and breaking things.

In other news I have updated the website a bit. We disabled taiga chat (chatbox) since it hasn't been updated in years and was causing compatibility problems. We are going to be adding a widget for our official discord server soon and we recommend using that. We will probably also add a discord bot with forum integration. Please join us at

Animagic is one of our new developers that will also be working on the website along with some other content. So please welcome them aboard.

Stay tuned for more EE Reborn updates,
As you can tell with the recent web updates we are working on our new project EverEmber Reborn! Reborn will be a spiritual successor to EverEmber online and will still take place in the world of Ember. We have been bringing on board many new team members lately to work on this project. The new game will be using the Unity game engine and will be a massive updated from our previous game.

More details will come out as we are further in development but we don't want to give away too many surprises.

As for EverEmber Online it will still remain playable and the downloads will still be available. EverEmber online will also be known as EverEmber Classic and nothing will change. We will never completely remove EverEmber online or get rid of your progress. If you have any questions let us know!

So ICANN took the site offline for a few hours. The server also crashed. I restarted the game server and got rid of the ICANN garbage. Everything should be back to normal.
Stoped forum spammers. Should be fixed now....
Our webserver was down for a day. Cloudflare worked nicely and continued keeping the cached website online. This morning the issue was resolved and the site should be functional again.

So as the workload of university has been driving upwards we have not made too many improvements to everember in a while. But we are still around and slash has some epic plans for new future updates. As always the server is still running and we are around if you want to message us.

A bit of downtime today as out server hardware is upgraded. This should result in decreased latency and better performance for in game experience.
The double xp weekend is coming up! Tell your friends and get ready to level up with 2x xp for the whole weekend!
SSL now works, Apex dark theme is turned back on, article slider is back, fixed graphical problems in articles. Added cloudflare to the website for improved speed, stability, all that. Fixed https problems on chatbox and added a favicon.

Shrunk the background image and moved it over for contrast and to speed up the site. This seems to have drastically cut down site load times...
The new client is in the downloads section now. It combines all the updates to date, and also includes a patch so the auto updater doesn't get falsely flagged as a virus.

Soon more updates will be coming to the website...

See yah in game,