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What is EverEmber Reborn?

EverEmber Reborn is an Open World Action Multiplayer RPG made by a small indie dev team. The game is without boundaries, you form your own adventure based on your own choices. If you are in the mood for a hardcore openworld action RPG similar to that of Runescape/Ultima online/Skyrim, then this is your type of game!

You are free to travel around, explore, fight, meet new people, progress through the ranks, and eventually conquer Ember Castle for yourself. With a vivid player based economy that thrives on player made items with a in game crafting system, interaction between players is vital. The goal of this game is to recreate a emotional connection with your character, with hardcore death experiences, human interaction, and trail/error based game play.

Players are free to role-play, form teams, and add each other to their friends list. Friends can add each other to each others parties, and travel in safety across the large world of EverEmber. PVP is rich, with plenty of options between melee weaponry, potions, ranged weapons, and armor. Guilds will keep the player base together, forming guilds, partnerships and guild wars for Ember Castle. There is also a lack of class constraints, which enables for players to freely change between playstyles at any moment!


Open World

A massive interactive world with beautiful places to explore from its small towns, the catacombs, to the vast forests, and all the way to the sky island. Being an open world experience the second you step into the world, you can visit any area, at any time, no levels, no restrictions. Nothing is filler, every location has a unique meaning. Every home can be entered and explored.

Player vs. Player Combat

The games core mechanic is its open world pvp, which means every area is high risk. The game has a hardcore loot system in which players drop their gear upon death. The majority of pvp occurs at points of interests such as Ember Castle and Sky island. Choose if you want to be a criminal, killing without mercy, but at the cost of being banished from entering any towns or cities. You may choose to be lawful, travel as a bounty hunter and keep peace in the land, for a nice reward that is.

Great Community

A large dedicated and growing community greets you in-game. Feel free to interact, group, and travel across the land with other players, and even potential friends and clans-mates. Interact with others players and cooperate to participate in the player based economy or prepare to explore a dungeon, fight a boss, or take Ember Castle for yourself.


Ingame events bring the community together. Narrirative based events that follow a weekly time line occur often to progress the story. If a player is lost, they can always ask other players for help. Many areas are difficult, and require other players help and assistance to conquer. The world is filled with hundreds of monsters to slay and discover!

Ember Castle

Although most players will chose to adventure leisurely, and form teams and parties together to explore and dominate the land of EverEmber, those who choose to take a competitive route can fight for the one Ember Castle located on the map. There players battle over territorial control and a massive flow of gold to themselves. With a weekly reset, players are rewarded for their achievements, and are rewarded for the time they kept ember castle.

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