Developer Log 1/25/17

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  1. Rex

    Rex EE Classic Developer Staff Member

    Long time no see!
    I have a developer log that I meant to post a while back for you guys, but with all of our behind the scenes work going on, it got a little delayed.

    These are updates that are in game currently, that will require no client side downloads/updates.

    New Zones :
    -Icedale Peak : A mysterious portal has opened up in Blizzard's Bluff and leads to a small ice village known as Icedale Peak. Here you will find several new enemies along with a few quests to play through, and not to mention the items!

    -Frozen Cavern Depths : Cold, but not too cold to stop you from swinging your sword, or drawing your bow to slay a few monsters though, that is, if you can handle what lies within these depths. You may face a Yeti, ready to grind away your flesh and pick his teeth with your bones, or an Ice Knight, waiting to chill your bones as cold as his and crush you. Perhaps a frozen King, waiting for a worthy challenge. All I know is there are a few road blocks, maybe some villagers can give you some advice, or maybe a quest or two?

    -Desert Caves Floor 2 : This area had been opened before but was shut down and remodeled. Explore deep into the desert caves outside of Rasheeb, you may find yourself trapped by Sandstorm Knights, and slithering Sand Venom's. Do not fret though, there is a new tool you can find here to help you on your way, along with some smashing weapons. ( See below for new tool info. )

    -Desert Guardians Lair : If you have found yourself face to face with the multiple beasts that guard these chambers, then you may be tougher than you look. Do not get a big head though, as the monsters in here are not messing around. Can you restore peace to this once beautiful cave?

    New Tool :
    -Climbers Hook : This is the newest "tool" that you can get in the lands of EE. Right now it will only be useful in the desert caves. This well made hook will help you climb walls, grabbing on to ledges going up the side of a hill or cliff. When you retrieve this item, all you need to do is equip it to be able to climb, remove it and you will be stuck.

    There are several new items, they are in the areas above. I will soon give you all a log on the new items, and another development log on things being added/planned to be added.

    Hope to see you all in game!
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  2. Ozfer

    Ozfer Administrator Staff Member

    Yay good work.
  3. Slasheree

    Slasheree Administrator Staff Member

    hype xD (gotta finish finals though...)
  4. Rex

    Rex EE Classic Developer Staff Member

    It works for now how I have it set up Slash.
    Hope everyone is enjoying the updates.

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