Developer Log 1/29/17

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    Hello everyone, back with another development log for you guys.

    Today, I will be sharing a few of the new items you can find in EverEmber that you may not be aware of, and I will also be sharing some new content with you guys, and where you might find it.

    Let's start off with a few items that have been released into the world.

    Weapons :
    - Storm Hammer - The storm hammer is a 2H hammer that can be seen being carried by Sandstorm Knights. Dealing massive 2H blunt damage, and also dealing an extra earth bonus damage, this massive hammer is nothing to mess around with.

    Accessory :
    - Pixie Wings - There have been a full set of pixie wings introduced into the clothing store in Darom. You can find the colors Green < Purple < Red < Blue. Grab yours today before they disappear.

    Mount :
    - Demonic Mount - This mount was planned for release with the Dreadshadow dungeon. If you are to find both fragments hidden within the Dreadshadow dungeon, you may get this Demonic Mount from the chest sitting upon the tall mountain in Cloud City.

    New Content released in game today, 1/29/17

    New Zones :
    - Tomb Entrance : This is the entrance that can be found by going down the hidden door in the big gravestone in the graveyard. This will bring you to an area where you will start a new quest to vanquish evil.

    - Gravestone Caverns : This area is crawling with evil and zombies. This small dungeon like area is very dark and twisted, you can hear the sounds of flesh being gnawed on. Can you complete the quest to restore this once sacred tomb?

    New Quests :
    - The Gravestone Caverns
    - Zombie Showdown

    (This is a small quest line introducing the Evil Enchantress that for most veteran users will know who that is, and will now make more sense as to where she comes from.)

    That is all I have for this dev log. I hope you all enjoy, and I will have yet another one for you guys very soon. We are still here and kicking!

    See you all in game!
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    Guess who's back back back, back again.....~
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