Developer Update #21, Network and Core Functionality

Discussion in 'Developer's Blog' started by Mr Singularity, Apr 21, 2018.

  1. Mr Singularity

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    Hello citizens of EverEmber,

    This is MrSingularity, bringing you the latest update on progress in the construction of EverEmber's movement system.

    I've been at work for the past 2 weeks or so setting up a system that allows the server to accurately pick up and decipher your movement requests and send them back to you so that your client knows where you are supposed to be. Here are gifs of the testing in action:

    Our heroic figure demonstrates the fidelity of the designed system in how accurately it captures the player's movement data. In addition, here is a recent screencap taken demonstrating the server's ability to handle multiple, simultaneous users:


    There's still work to be done and testing to be completed, but I hope to share more of my work with you all in the near future.

    - MrSingularity
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  2. Rex

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    Looking good guys! Keep up the good work.
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