Developer's Update #25, Website Reworks/Updates

Discussion in 'Developer's Blog' started by Kajamaz, Aug 3, 2018.

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    If you're reading this you may have noticed that there are a few changes to the website. Most of the changes were done for the sake of speeding up the website, some in order to make the website look better. The background should no longer cut off on large display monitors, the logo is now the new EverEmber logo. Favicon should change to the dragon and when posting our website link on other websites, you won't have the old ugly EE letters appear as a thumbnail, you'll now have the EverEmber Dragon.

    The background is now 1/10th in file size and logo 1/2 the file size, meaning that the website should load much faster on any device, mobile or not!

    On other notes, we have a crazy amount of cool information and news posted almost daily on our Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Be sure you follow us! Soon we'll be giving away our first free alpha key and various EverEmber gear and loot both ingame and IRL. Be sure you follow to catch onto these giveaways!

    Here's an exclusive preview of a new concept art piece of the reaper raising the dead by our artist Akram!

    [​IMG] Instagram:
    [​IMG] Facebook:
    [​IMG] Twitter:

    See you in the world of EverEmber!
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    Have you looked at how many "Geometry Wars" clones there are on PC? Quite a few and most free. I like the game, but I can see how it would be tough to stand out on Steamor PC in general.

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