Development Update #10, Log Crossing

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    We continue to update when possible about the world of EverEmber Reborn. Today's post shows the continuation of the Avgard to Darom route. I have personally named it Log Crossing as you need to cross a log to continue the fastest way. There are additional routes designed such as the water route or going over the rocks. This is to open up for different scenarios if someone chooses to make this spot their ambush point. There is a scout point up on the top by the stacked stones with a torch, this allows the player to view the surrounding areas by a lot. Further more, there is a way to swim up and climb next to the log near the waterfall. Additionally, you might notice there is a hidden chest for those who adventure into the water.

    In short, when we design the key spots we have to consider the different scenario, create bottlenecks and convey the story of that area. This particular spot allows for range ambush or close combat, by closing off the traveler while they are on the log. Of course, it is designed so the traveler may jump into the water in an attempt to escape.

    We hope you like the updates and if you have any feedback, opinion or want to discuss with us then feel free to visit our forum.
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