Development Update #12, Dedication, Weather, and Reaper Altar

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    Time for an update! Today's update is technical, visual, and story based. The story isn't an in-game thing, its about the project as a whole.

    EverEmber Online was an idea that was generated during a lunch period in highschool, the name EverEmber was a mix of a book that a friend was reading (Everwild) and just ember because fire is cool. The idea slowly collected, notes were taken, the first map of EverEmber was drawn!
    In its rudimentary state, we began the project 5 years ago. Over the years we progressed from EverEmber Alpha, to EverEmber Beta (map drawn) 147809691.jpg
    and finally to release!
    This was the first printed copy of the map that was drawn over to be modified with various locations and ideas planted around the world! These little artifacts show the progression and dedication to the game and its idea as a whole. As you are aware, the original project is still up and running!

    We have to move on though, the sprites of EverEmber Online belong to enterbrain, we are unable to profit off the project, and without financial motivation or the ability to sell anything to be able to work full time on the project, we can't make the project any greater than it already is.

    Thus EverEmber Reborn is being made!
    At home a bunch of posters were printed and hang on my wall every day to remind me of the progress this project has partook in (wish I put a regular paper for scale to prove its not just office paper).
    So to anyone who partakes in these forums, be aware, we are working, we are progressing!

    For the programming side:
    Our programmers are working diligently, Twinnuke has been experimenting with connections, and Lewdoge has been defining basic control for merchants, crime, items/inventory and day/night cycle. this week, i worked more on the day/night cycle, so day and night can have different duration, and have been working on different weather states, and control over more variables, like wind and wet ground.

    Hope to see you in the world of EverEmber soon!
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