Development Update #14, Trailer, New Members, Discord

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    Hey there!

    We got some exciting news!

    First off, if you didn't already know, we removed the chatroom from the website (I know, we'll all miss it) and replaced it with our discord chat. The link to the chat is
    We hope to see you all chatting away! Check out the widget on the right side of the website as well!

    Secondly, Welcome a few new members to the team.
    @Mr Singularity is one of our new lead programmers, currently situated in Texas
    @animagic which is also one of our new programmers, he's also a well trained web developer
    @Jonty Is one of our lead trailer artists
    @Vashima Is one of our other new trailer artists
    We hope they'll stay a while and we'll be seeing lots of creativity come from them!

    Last but not least, we have a tiny teaser about the background of the game and a piece from the trailer.
    Below is depicted the hand of the arch mage of EverEmber. The events taking place are his attempt to save humanity from the foul creatures that have spawned around the land, some of which those who have played EverEmber Online may remember, such as the goblins of Turgis, and the reaper. Why is he trying to save the land? What happened? You'll find out more soon in following dev posts. We hope to have some more footage for you all soon!
    Hope to see you in the land of EverEmber,
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