Development Update #15, Big steps

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    Hello Adventurers,

    Its been far overdue for a new development post, but we've got a lot to talk about! Our team has been working diligently on making three core things for the game, the actual game, the trailer, and the kick starter.

    Lets start off with the game's development. Recently we've spent a large chunk of time optimizing the game. All of the developers were slowed down due to the massive performance issues that we were having. We've managed to optimize the various settings and objects in the game to help speed up development, and its been very successful. Following the optimization our progress has skyrocketed. Our developer MrSingularity has done a large portion of work for the core of the game.
    -A large portion of the networking registration and login system has been completed.
    -Plugins set up to communicate with our MySQL server
    -UMA database work done towards the character creation
    -AI behavior has been tested and deemed functional upon testing
    -First person view implimented

    Going onward towards the trailer, our developers Mitch and Jonty have done a large sum of work. Mitch has been working towards the creation of a new reaper model which will be revealed soon. Jonty is currently formulating a draft of the trailer, so keep your eyes peeled.

    Finally, the kick-starter is being formulated. We're going to redesign the donation tab on the website to match our kick-starter rewards soon! In order to compensate our veteran donors and players, players who are veterans will be granted a beta key once we reach beta, and donors will receive a complimentary key for their donations (if it matches the price of the release, if the donation is lower than the release price, we offer a discount towards the purchase of the game).

    Hope to see you all running around with us in the world of EverEmber soon!

    Some eye candy for you all ;)

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    Good to hear development is chugging along again :)

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