Development Update #17, The Story of Ajidarr

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    The Archemage turned the dragon to stone
    Yet underneath its coat is scale and bone
    Ajidarr's reign brought death and fear
    Not many adventurers dared to come near
    But one man faced up to the task
    With him a staff, sword and flask
    The dragon fought but was brought nearly to its death
    Now frozen in stone still breathing its breath

    -Song from a Bard from the Thieves Tavern


    On the other hand, we have a new team member to introduce! Corky (Will) will be one of our new programmers. Give him a warm welcome!

    Programming side of things:
    -Character creation near completion, and characters have been integrated into the game.
    -The server is currently being set up and may have an upgrade soon.

    - Ajidarr and Archemage models completed, trailer on track!

    Hope to see you in the world of EverEmber soon!
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    its a good Story. and will the game have a bunch of random NPC's in the game with different voices etc. like skyrim kind of

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