Development Update #3, Dragons Pasture

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    Time for an update!

    We've been working hard to make sure we have content available for players once EverEmber is released, and we're bringing back Dragon's Pasture! We are hoping to have the map completed in one to two months time. The new Dragon's Pasture will be an actual volcano. Players will be able to explore it, and find hidden treasures throughout. Players will have to watch out for pvp and of course, Ember Dragons. Ember dragons cannot be fought unless the player has a potion that protects them from the heat. Unlike EverEmber Online, dragons pasture will be near Darom, making it a quick travel. More information will be revealed soon and the developers list will be updated!

    If you want to watch some mapping/development of the game world, feel free to follow our developer Amit on

    Here is a teaser of the new Dragon's Pasture.


    Also we are trying to revitalize our social media to keep you guys/gals updated via Facebook and Twitter. Follow our Facebook at and twitter at

    Hope to see you in the world of EverEmber soon!
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