Development Update #4, Sky Island

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    Welcome to the 4th development update for EverEmber Reborn!

    This post will be short and sweet, filled with images and teasers for the game and how our development is going. You can witness some of the development on our developer's @Amitgp twitch channel and see how the world was formed for the screenshot attached to this post. We've been very actively mapping out areas such as Dragons Pasture, Finished Darom, Almost done with Avgard, Sky island has been worked on by @HugeJackedMan , the Thieves Village is being constructed, the Rogues Tavern is currently being prototyped and the Reapers alter half done.

    Our programmers are working on core game features right now and will make a dev post soon (hopefully by next week).

    Enjoy these teasers, and see you in the world of EverEmber!


    sky_island.png 2.jpg
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