Development Update #5, Thieves' Village

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    Time for another update.

    Today, we're gonna touch up on a new area, one that did not excist in EverEmber Online, and one that is going to be very different from the one from the original.

    Firstly, lets talk about the new village, Thieves Village.
    The Thieves Village is a small town hidden away from the rest of the society in the world of EverEmber. The game will feature a criminal system similar to the old one, if a player kills another player aggressively (not out of self defense) they will get a period of time in which they're labeled as criminals/murderers. Within this period, they cannot enter any safe zone (Avgard and Darom) without being attacked by guards. Thieves Village is the only town that does not push away criminals, as a matter of fact, it welcomes them. The village will have all the needed accommodations for any adventurer or scoundrel, a place to sleep, eat, bank, and shop. But there is a catch, although it may seem like a scoundrels wonderland, it's not. Its more expensive than a regular village or city, and you can't just kill any random schmuck in the village, there are guards, but they only attack you if you fight someone once you're in the town. Form murderous marauding parties to spread fear across the land, or form a army of evil and invade Ember Castle.
    screen_2560x1920_2017-06-16_08-51-22 - Copy.jpg screen_2560x1920_2017-06-16_08-53-58 - Copy.jpg

    Secondly, we'll bring up a starting area in EverEmber Online, Turgis. The biggest change is that there is no longer a cave, instead the village of goblins is outdoors, and well fortified. There is only one entrance, so escaping a bad situation will be difficult. It'll be a great area for new players to find some better gear, and make friends to adventure later on.
    screen_2560x1920_2017-06-16_08-56-20 - Copy.jpg

    We're on track and we hope to see you in the world of EverEmber soon!

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