Development Update #7, Necromancers Cavern

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    Good day EverEmberians!

    First off, welcome our newest member @Naitsirk1995 (Krisitian), he's a modeler that will be a part of our team, and he's already begun creating things for the world of EverEmber!

    His first task was to make the Necromancers Cave, a dark cavern created by the sorcerers supernatural powers. Inside the dead rise and the necromancer hides from light, his greatest enemy.

    A preview of the cave:

    As for everything else, Trolls passage is being mapped, Rogues Den is being filled in the interior. Ember castle had some more areas added to it, more grass was added and areas populated to look more natural! A huggge update will come the following week, just in time for 4th of July!

    Hope to see you all in the world of EverEmber!
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