Development Update #8, Beginning of Avgard to Darom road

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    Hello, I am Dyce aka Amit. I am one of the level designers doing some early drafts of the world. I am taken upon myself to create one of the routes between Avgard and Darom. A few weeks back @Kajamaz posted the beginning of the road, this is the next part of the road when you walk further down the path. As a reminder I am showing the images from before and next part, so you can follow the path visually.


    As you see above this isn't far away from Avgard Town/City. And as you walk down towards the river you will see several things but more specifically this early spot.


    This campsite tells a story about abandon half fish, blood spots, two sleeping pillow and a knife. What happen here? Why is there only one blood spot? Did this happen recently since the fish is still fresh? What is going on here? Is this a trap? Ambush?

    The fact is, you don't know. As you continue to explore this world and its many corners, you will uncover many interesting spots that makes you ponder...before someone suddenly stabs you from behind and leaves you to die...or maybe not.

    Ask yourself, are you sure you want to go further?
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