Development Update #9, Avgard to Darom route part 2

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  1. Amitgp

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    Hello everyone. This is Dyce aka Amit returning to update you all on another development blog. We are continuing from previous development update #8 in which we showed an area which was near a campfire. Not far from that campfire across the bridges the travelers will see a small cave like area. Upon investigation, the player will stumble upon this scene.


    First, the perspective is shown from a hole on the other side of the mountain hill, which means the river the player cross from the campfire with the fish, blood and sleeping pillows is on the other side of the river at the background. Basically, this is to allow a scouting spot for ambush, and a hook for a player to notice that there is a spot of interest on the other side, if they walk around.

    Once the player reaches this spot, the person will notice pick axes and two dead skeleton near two of the rocks there. It is to illustrate the story that there was a collapse when mining for the iron ore, which the player will see three deposit of. That is why there are rubbles and rocks around that area, and this particular spot goes inwards.

    The objects that exist there now, such as the tree, torches, and bonfire is trying to explain that time has passed since the dead miners, and people use it for something now. It can perhaps the spot for the Bandits, who attacked the previous spot from Update #9 or maybe not?

    So what connections are there with the spots? The miners? The missing pillows? Why are there two pillows, and two miners on the other side of the river? Are these the two same people, at two different location?

    What else lies ahead? Where there more than two? Who was carrying the ore they mined? Where is that ore? Question answered, leave more questions.

    Dare you travel further, or do you want to return back to where you came from?

    That decision is entirely yours to make.
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