EverEmber Online Update #1: Release

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    Time for an update!

    This is the very first EverEmber Online update since the re-release, and we plan on keeping them weekly at a BARE MINIMUM. We'll also do Q&A and minor update posts occasionally.

    #1. Events:

    We're going to host Double Exp events 3 times in the weekends, 5PM GMT and 10PM GMT on Saturdays, and 5PM GMT on Sundays.

    The group events will be announced ahead of time, this weeks group event will be the Battle against Naatsoe!

    Event Post.jpg

    Team up with your friends at 10PM GMT on Sunday to fight Naatsoe, a slime monster that heals and spawns more slimes. If you, the adventurers don't kill it in time, i'll produce enough slimes to destroy all of EverEmber! Rare spells will be given out to those who fight Naatsoe as well as a rare event teleport!

    #2 Updates:

    This list contains many MANY updates to balance and bug fixes!

    -Ultraknight sword fixed requirements
    -Added multi pots to shop darom
    -Drop Rates fixed for ultra knights
    -Ultra knight Sword added to Ultra Knight
    -Npc: 'Demonio The Areia" has the name changed to "Demonio De Areia"
    -Changed the stats of Ultra sword ( 30dmg / +15str / level rec 25 / rarity 3 / crit chance 15%)
    -Changed the pyro and sentite bow atk speed from 0,8 to 1,3s
    -Changed elemental Scimitar critical rate bonus from 40 to 20%
    -Changed Paladin Spear (40 dmg / +13 str / 1,5 atk speed
    -Changed Ayaa's Spear Epic spear (dmg 57 / str +20/ atk speed 1,3)
    -Changed: Orc Blade (dmg 25 / str+4)
    -Changed 2h Longsword (damage 40 / str+12 / atk speed 1,6 )
    -Changed Sentite Katana (damage 32 / level req 25 / crit change 18%)
    -Changed Sentite Longsword (damage 54 / str+10 / agi +2 / end+5 / atk speed 1,5 / Level req 25 / now 2h s-word)
    -Changed Bone Bow (dmg 15)
    -Changed Enchanted Claws (damage 25, critical chance 22%)
    -Changed Pyromant Sword (Dmg 32 / str 17 / critical chance 15%)
    -Changed Paladin Axe (Damage 52/ Str +25 / End+26 / int+5/ will+10 / int+5 atk spd 1.1 / level req 35 /changed to unique rarity)
    -Changed Zangetsu (damage 75 / str 25 / critical rate 25%
    -New year ring now gives +3 to all stats
    -New item: Scimitar of Ages (need recipe+elemental scimitar+pyro bar) (how do you get the rec? it's a mistery!")
    -Changed Reapers scyther ( Dmg 60 / speed 1,7 / str+30 / end+10 /stats req: str 25, end 10)
    -Changes at Reaper stats: Damage decreased drastically, hp increased 10x / xp incread 2x, cd time 300 sec (can be changed)
    -Changes at xp in all maps/monsters
    -Some bosses get more xp but have more HP to be more challenging.
    -Skill Knight Heal have the time increased (60 sec) but the cd increased too (60 sec)

    #3 A new developer!

    Say hello to Wind! He's our new developer. He'll focus on many bug fixes and balance issues in the game. Feel free to say hello, he'll be glad to help you!

    Hope to see you battling and exploring in the world of EverEmber!

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