EverEmber Online Update #2: Bugs, Bugs, Websites, and New Content!

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    Time for the second update post for EverEmber Online since re-release! There has been a very large amount of work done recently and although the dev team has been very busy, we managed to push out a LOT of balance, bug fixes, and new content as well as lots of new content incoming soon!


    Ranger Update:
    New Skills for Rangers.
    1 - Frost arrow: You shot an Ice Arrow what frozen the enemy for 3,1 secs, have huge range
    2 - Atomic arrow: A massive damage Skill what explode near the target, Aoe 2 tiles (target)
    3 - Eagle Eye: You use an Eagle to give you the vision of enemy, gives massive critical rate for 10 seconds [Dont increase base critical rate]
    4 - Eagle Attack: You summon an Eagle to attack the target, giving 10 hits in 10 seconds (Wind Element) Warrior and Archers skills have the mp cost decreased.
    New Bow: Elven Dark bow
    New Bow: Crystal Bow

    New Party Dungeon: Underwater sewer room (Needed Raid card to enter) This dungeon is party map, if you enter alone, no one can enter in same map as you, it will in the same map, but different dimension. Mobs now have elemental defense/attack Bones now changed to Soul Stone, you will need soul stones to buy dungeon raid cards!

    Desert cave map now have the entrance for "Demonio de Areia" raid boss, you need get the key from the guardian inside the cave. each player need 1 key, do the quest "A mysterious treasure" to get the climbers hook.


    New maps: Forest of Illusion and Forest of Dreams.


    Other Updates:
    Genophase, Sentite and pyromant: helm, chain, Plate, gloves, shied and boots now only need level to equip instead of stats req

    Shops revamped, some items get price changed, now the gold currency will be more used.
    Zangetsu damage, stats changed, it was so OP

    New item: Pyromant Helmet.
    New item: Genophase Plate
    New item: Sentite Plate
    New item: Pyromant Plate
    New recipe: Genophase Plate
    New recipe: Sentite Plate
    New recipe: Pyromant Plate

    Bones now changed to Soul Stone, you will need soul stones to buy dungeon raid cards; Alot of changes on items (cant list all, we will update items at wiki soon)

    Mobs/Bosses stats updated, Raids now are more hard, less damage but much more HP, Some bosses have Stun skill for who run like a chicken (better get a healer with you) Items full (like weapons, armors, etc) Get the drop rate nerfed, some items get buffed at stats and now are more rare to get.

    Expansion Area of East mines, more space and more ores. until tier 4 ores (Metaline, Gold, Genophase and Sentite)
    Golem and Spirit Golem have 2 tiles "Attack on sight" range, care in Mines

    Sanctified Angel fixed.
    Genophase, Sentite and Pyromant Boots drop rate fixed, some mobs/boss drop these items
    Drop rate of certain mobs fixed.
    Drop rate of gatekeeper necklace fixed.
    Sewer Boss room fixed, spawn every time when you re-enter ( all party members need to leave the dungeon to reset, if inside)
    Skill: Eagle Attack damage increases
    And some more fixed issues.


    Now there are two sections, EverEmber Online, and EverEmber Reborn posting sections!

    Next update will feature Achrim island and new areas, LOTS of endgame content!

    Hope to see you online!

    We will also be running a EverEmber Reborn Promotion over the New Year celebration!
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    How's all the new content coming guys??
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