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Discussion in 'Developer's Blog' started by Slasheree, May 21, 2016.

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  1. Slasheree

    Slasheree Administrator Staff Member

    So... today I implemented two systems that will improve EE's combat interactivity.

    One is the "Momentum Attack System" which works for Melee and Ranged attacks, for melee attacks the more you attack the more momentum stacks you get (up to 5) (you have to keep them up by attacking otherwise they will dissappear upon a timeout [5 segs that are updated with each attack]) when you reach the 5 stacks you have a short amount of time to press Shift (Shift was choosen because it's the nearest to Ctrl, so people will easily associate it as the "Strong Attack Button", CTRL being the "Normal Attack" [kinda like Dinasty Warriors XD]), when you successfully perform a Momentum Attack you will inflict 1.1x the damage of the normal attack, for ranged attacks (bows) they get a momentum stack everytime they launch an arrow (since they will usually miss a lot of shots on moving targets) on every fifth arrow they can launch a Momentum Attack. For Melee and Ranged pressing Shift before the time is right will reset the momentum stacks (and not attack).

    The other one is the "Concentrated (Spell-)Casting System" which starts when you press Shift while casting a spell (or when you cast a spell with Shift pressed to start immediatelly), this will start a QTE (<- it's a link) where you have to press a series of arrows in the correct order (max:4), failing one means it will perform a regular spell, if you get it right when you finish casting the spell it will do 1.1x the damage/heal/vital. (you can use both Arrow keys or the WASD)

    Momentum Attack + Concentrated Casting Systems.png
    Left: Momentum Attack
    Right: Concentrated Casting
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  2. Duke

    Duke New Member

    bro thats already dynstay warriors and tales series support abilites lol
  3. Vort

    Vort New Member

    1.1x damage reward may be too low.
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  4. Rex

    Rex EE Classic Developer Staff Member

    I will let Slash know Vort thanks for the feedback. And we know that is similar to other games, but name a game today (mmorpg) that doesnt have at least one feature that another game has.

    We want to know the communities opinion on this so keep the feedback rolling.
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  5. Kenshin

    Kenshin Member

    I agree that the damage modifier seems low, it should probably be 2x rather than 1.1x. Also though, the game's own 'About Us' section says it is meant to be an old-school action MMORPG similar to Runescape or Ultima, so I don't really see any problem with using ideas from other games, especially ones like this that will make it more enjoyable.
  6. hushed

    hushed Metaline Donor Donator

    I'm really new to this game and I haven't even played before this feature was added and I think it's a good one. I mean it isn't the most original but it's really good and it works, I really don't see it as a problem that this feature is similar to features in other games but I do agree that the damage needs to be increased if done correctly. I also think that for spells the harder the spell to cast the more arrow movements you would have to do.
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  7. Argamoroth

    Argamoroth Moderator

    As much as more arrows for harder spells on paper sounds good, that also requires increasing cast time which leads to casting being less useful. spells are prone to large power swings with only the slightest of changes in everember

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