Major Update #1, EverEmber Online's Return

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  1. Kajamaz

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    Lonnnnng time no see!

    Its been quite a while since we've last made a post on the website. Ever since we did some of the website updates, we didn't really update anything on the website and we do apologize. But apologies aside, we have some really exciting news for everyone!

    We're re-releasing EverEmber Online this Thanksgiving weekend! That's right! We don't want to bore you to death with occasional updates about EverEmber Reborn (Although exciting, we are working on this game in our spare time so bare with us) so we will bring EverEmber Online back to life with LOTS of new features, updates, and quests relative to our original release!

    Check out our trailer for EverEmber Online!

    Feel free to share the video, like it, and sub to our channel if you want live updates of new videos we post!

    We will be uploading tons of EverEmber Reborn related content as well, so don't jump out of your seats!

    As of this moment, we're hoping EverEmber Online's re-release will give everyone something fun to play and the new content giving you a rich game experience. Some of those new implementations are:
    -Tons of new quests
    -New areas
    -New armor and crafting
    -Guild wars and arenas

    The official date will be announced with the exact date and time when the servers will go live as well as some tutorial videos!

    Hope to see you all in the land of Ember!

    -Kajamaz, Lead Developer

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  2. Arthasys

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    Hi there ^ ^
    I'm a new player, and would like to know if the housing system is already implemented in the game?
    And what are the requeriments to get a house?

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