Poll: What content do you all want to see?

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What type of content do you want to see next?

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  1. Kajamaz

    Kajamaz Project Manager Staff Member

    Hello fellow EverEmberians!

    We've had an exciting week doing various testing for the game lately and can't wait to show you some video footage! We're also in the middle of working on a cinematic trailer that is nearing completion (a few more weeks).

    Things you may see soon:
    -In person flier campaign across different college campuses
    -More Art
    -A key giveaway competition
    -Q&A Video with the developers (If you ask a question on this topic, its very likely we'll feature your question on our next video)
    -Rework some information about the game
    -Work on the wiki

    Recently the Donation page has been changed, any user that previously donated is given an equivalent status relative to the game. You may donate and help us develop the game at https://everember.com/account/upgrades
    Don't worry, your money won't go to thin air, there are rewards attached to the donations as well!

    Feel free to tweet this announcement or share it on facebook. The people vote the more exciting the next event will be!

    Enjoy this preview of an upcoming art piece.

    [​IMG] Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/everember/
    [​IMG] Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/EverEmberReborn/
    [​IMG] Twitter: https://twitter.com/EverEmberReborn

    See you in the world of EverEmber!

    Head Developer
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  2. Montressor

    Montressor New Member

    I'd love to see more Q&A.
    Definitely love long videos that consist of developer insight and plans for future content.
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